I don’t usually talk about myself in general but since this is an about page, then why not?

so, Hi! my name is Mohamad but mostly people refer to me as ‘Kalaaji’ (aka my family name) because simply if you shout “Mohamad!” around 100 mohamads will reply at the same time in the same room (it is a commonly used name in the Middle East)

but if someone called me by my name rather than my family name, then you know things won’t end well🤷‍♀️

Development career

so I have been developing at the age of 17, way before entering university! started out as a frontend web developer

now I’m a Full Stack web developer at Jaleesa SAL

and Co-organizer at Wordpress Beirut

also I do freelance work as well so if you want to work together, you can shoot me up a email or tweet me on twitter

Technologies used


  • React
  • React Native


  • Nodejs
  • PHP (mainly used with Wordpress actually)

What do I do in my free time

I usually read books ranging from business to psychology but I am up for any recommendations!

and I usually blog about what I am developing, recommendations, suggestions, and something to refer back to